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Why is it worth choosing the InsERT - Subiekt nexo program?

Subiekt Nexo Pro is a modern sales system designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, offering simplicity of use combined with advanced functionalities. This system is developed by Insert, a company known for creating software supporting business management. Here are the main aspects that emphasize the simplicity of operation of Subiekta Nexo Pro:

Intuitive user interface
Simple navigation: Subiekt Nexo Pro is designed to be intuitive, making it easy to navigate the program even for new users. The tiled menu structure and the ability to adapt the interface to the user's individual needs make access to the most important functions always at hand.

Ease of sales operation
Fast sales: Thanks to the simplified sales process, transaction processing is quick and effective. The program allows you to easily add products to a receipt or invoice, as well as quickly search the database for the necessary items.
Automation: Subiekt Nexo Pro automates many processes, such as generating sales documents, calculating taxes or managing inventory, which makes work much easier.

Modularity and scalability
Adaptation to needs: The system allows for expansion with additional modules and functions, so it can grow with the needs of the enterprise. Users can adapt the software to the specific nature of their business, selecting only those elements that they actually need.

Support and availability
Technical support: Subiekt Nexo Pro users have access to professional technical support, which provides assistance in the event of problems and facilitates system management.
Availability in the cloud: The option of using the program in the cloud provides easy access to data from anywhere and from a device with Internet access, which is especially important for people who often work outside the office.

Simplified warehouse operation
Inventory management: The program offers easy-to-use tools for monitoring inventory levels, managing orders and deliveries, which allows for effective inventory management.

To sum up, Subiekt Nexo Pro is software that combines simplicity of use with advanced capabilities, making it a perfect solution for companies looking for an effective and flexible sales and warehouse management system.

Description of the Subiekt nexo program

Subiekt nexo is a program that fully supports sales management of small and medium-sized companies (shops, wholesalers, workshops, service companies, etc.). A friendly and intuitive interface helps and speeds up work, and rich functions will meet the needs of modern entrepreneurs, regardless of the industry.

Nexo assistant handles all types of commercial and business documents (a particular advantage is the advanced ordering system) and efficient warehouse management. It has an extensive financial section, which makes it possible, among others, to: performing cash and banking operations and creating cash reports. Settlement modules allow you to record settlements, record settlements, debt collection activities and exchange rate tables. The file section of the system allows you to keep high-level records of products, customers, external devices, institutions, partners and employees. 

Subiekt has been the most frequently chosen brand of sales systems by Polish entrepreneurs for many years. Nexo assistant is another version of this popular program. It has been designed with particular attention to user comfort, making running a business easier. 

Nexo assistant is a part of INERT nexo – integration package, which also includes: Nexo calculator (revenue and expense ledger and flat-rate tax records), Nexo inspector (financial and accounting system), Gratifikant nexo (HR and payroll system) and Gestor nexo (CRM ).  

The most important features of Subiekt nexo:

  • full handling of all types of commercial and warehouse documents;
  • warehouse documents are completely separated from commercial documents, possibility of single or collective generation of invoices for WZ documents, corrections of warehouse documents, automatic generation of WZ documents for invoices, invoices, proforma invoices, sales invoices from multiple warehouses using the software;
  • handling prepayments, card payments, cash on delivery, credit sales, assignment to another payer, advance purchases for employees;
  • full operation of the cash register, registration of cash and non-cash transactions (payments with cards, vouchers), cash operations with postponed effect (unexecuted);
  • extensive bank account services (standard transfers, ZUS transfers, tax transfers, account operations, commissions, statements), electronic banking services via file exchange and online (selected banks);
  • attachment library enabling saving external files (e.g. contracts in PDF format) – limited to 1000 files,
  • extensive ordering system – each item of the document may have an individual completion date or an earlier date than the completion date of the entire document;
  • assortment file – goods, services, sets and returnable packaging; commercial section in files;
  • customer files, also containing information from the CRM system;
  • conducting a flexible pricing policy - the ability to assign previously defined price lists to individual customers, setting prices, default and maximum discounts on price list items based on units of measurement and sales thresholds;
  •  settlements (receivables and payables), multi-currency settlements, payment requests, interest notes, offsets;
  • extensive support for external devices (cash registers, fiscal printers, label scales, barcode readers);
  • automatic synchronization of changes in the file and external devices;
  • fully integrated with financial and accounting systems: Rachmistrz nexo and Rewizor nexo;
GDPR support: 
  • purposes and consent to data processing;
  • information obligations;
  • data protection;
  • the right to be forgotten (anonymization)

Detailed description of the Subiekt nexo program

Sales, Purchase, Warehouse

  • Fully supports all types of commercial and warehouse documents.
  • Complete separation of warehouse and commercial documents in any currency, single or serial generation of invoices for WZ documents. Correction of warehouse documents, automatic generation of WZ documents for invoices.
  • Sales invoices from multiple warehouses and assigned to a branch.
  • Add advanced elements to your product visualization documents.
  • Selecting the delivery address for sales documents and orders. Possibility to select different suppliers in purchasing documents and different recipients in sales documents and orders. 
  • Proforma invoice.
  • Extensive ordering system, each item in the document may have an individual completion date, even earlier than the deadline for the entire document.
  • Wide support for external devices (cash registers, accounting printers, labeling scales, barcode readers).
  • Automatic synchronization of product changes in files and external devices.
  • It is possible to attach additional costs using expenditure documents (RW) to items on the sales document (FS, PA, etc.).
  • You can increase the document price accuracy to 6 decimal places.
  • Possibility to set the color below the margin on the item in the document or below the cost.
  • Possibility to define promotions in the form of discounts, gifts or allowances for specific customers for specific product lines during specific periods of time.
  • Copy and paste inventory items between documents.
  • Sugar levy – has sugar tax support for sweeteners, taurine and caffeine in drinks 


  • Each element in the document may have an individual deadline, which also precedes the deadline for the entire document.
  • The ordering party may be a customer other than the final purchaser and recipient of the goods.
  • When entering a document, you can specify the end date for a particular item, which is calculated based on the expected average delivery date from the item list.
  • Stock reservation.
  • You can specify the delivery location and delivery method.
  • Possibility to mark documents with flags already defined by the program.


  • Recording assembly and disassembly production orders, it is also possible to change the demand for components. 
  • Possibility to reserve stock for a specific order.
  • Effective handling of current stock levels – Users can order products for delivery to optimal stock levels, taking into account current product stocks, customer order volumes and undelivered orders.


  • Possibility to pay in cash at a separate cash desk.
  • In addition to cash or payment cards, you can define many other payment methods such as cash on delivery, gift vouchers, etc.
  • Possibility to record purchases made by employees. When recording such documents, it is possible to settle advance payments received by the employee.
  • Possibility to assign payments to different payers.
  • Payment is available not only for sales and purchase documents, but also for warehouse documents and orders (e.g. possibility of prepaid orders or warehouse issues by payment cards).

Price lists

  • Possibility to define multiple main price lists (for the entire range).
  • Possibility to assign a main price list to a branch, as well as a main price list and additional price lists for customers.
  • The price list assortment may appear multiple times. You can specify prices, default values and maximum discounts according to units of measurement and sales thresholds.
  • Possibility to block prices and discounts for items in sales documents associated with specific price lists.
  • Possibility to define static and dynamic price lists. The dynamic price list uses the defined parameters of the goods (current exchange rate, established margin, base price calculation function) during a specific request (e.g. when entering them into the specifications of the sales document) to calculate the price of the selected goods or service. This differs from a static price list, which returns previously calculated prices recorded for the items in that price list.
  • Price list status, which allows you to properly prepare the price list before publication. Price lists in preparation have the status "in preparation" and cannot be sold. After the development phase, the price list receives the "published" status. This means that it can be used in the sales process.


  • Cash operations with deferred effect (not realized).
  • This is a comprehensive cash register service that records cash and non-cash transactions (card and voucher payments).
  • Possibility to define multiple cash register positions within one cash register (particularly useful when using location-related cash sessions and cash register reports).
  • Possibility to assign payment methods to cash registers.
  • Cash reports are collective documents that can be sent directly to accounting (they may reflect one or more cash sessions).
  • It enables consistent handling of banking operations, regardless of the method of conducting, i.e. manual recording or electronic banking.
  • Offline and online electronic banking.
  • Cash withdrawal orders, tax and ZUS transfers.
  • Possibility to register funds in transit and complete initiated transfers. 


  • Division into payment type - for each you can define the settlement type, which will be created for the payment (e.g. the KP payment type repayment creates a payment for receivables, and the advance payment type creates a liability).
  • Currency settlement of foreign currency – PLN.
  • Settlement offsets.


  • A product can be assigned to many sales departments regardless of the product groups defined in the hierarchical dictionary.
  • A new way of defining units of measurement - conversion factors between measurements are defined as the numerator and denominator of a fraction. This allows you to define units such as 1/3.
  • The following units are assigned to units of measurement: Returnable packaging, Fiscal names, Barcodes, etc. documents with barcodes). 
  • The units have individual precision that can be changed by introducing measurements for a specific product. Barcodes, packaging and dimensions, i.e. weight, volume and dimensions, are related to the product's unit of measurement.
  • In addition to the minimum stock, the file also allows individual warehouses to define the optimal stock, which will be used by default when ordering goods from the supplier.
  • Possibility to hide goods in selected warehouses.
  • Possibility to define standard deadlines for fulfilling customer orders.
  • Possibility to specify a standard order completion date with the supplier


  • Size support using models and their variants.
  • Ability to generate assortments based on models 


  • Possibility to assign by default the type of commercial transaction and the currency in which sales documents are issued and to define the credit limit of the transaction, which also takes into account the release of goods from the warehouse (WZ documents).
  • Individual document printing parameters – You can define special print patterns for each type of document.
  • Records in the file for an individual customer representative/employee.
  • Multi-aspect nature of the clients served, divided into standard and potential clients (these may be all institutions, employees and partners).
  • Centralization of customer information - ability to issue commercial documents to employees and co-workers.
  • Division of customers into people and companies with individual attributes and the possibility of two-way conversion.
  • Warning mechanisms against duplicate customers (check the repeatability of the NIP number) - data of found customers can be entered immediately, e.g. as a branch or headquarters, or used for business purposes.
  • Sending single or mass SMS messages.
  • Ability to specify multiple addresses, including shipping addresses.
  • Possibility to define the client's organizational structure (headquarters and branches).
  • Possibility to define customer templates.
  • Possibility to prepare individual price lists for individual clients
  • Possibility to exchange documents using EPP files.
  • Possibility to configure the order of traversal of columns in the document.
  • Ability to define product and customer stickers

External devices

  • Wide support for external devices such as: cash registers, accounting printers, labeling scales, barcode readers.
  • Cash register server enabling automatic synchronization of assortment files with cash registers, price checkers and labeling scales, as well as automatic reading of sales data from cash registers.
  • Possibility to download receipts from cash registers and issue retail returns or retail invoices based on them.
  • Daily collection of sales from the cash register, taking into account the lack of goods (oversorts) from the program warehouse.
  • Receiving daily reports 

Extensions of the Subiekt nexo program

The basic license of the Subiekt nexo program is available in versions for 1 or 3 workstations. You can purchase extensions for additional seats without purchasing a separate license.

Extensions will impact e-Subscription prices, but any increased fees associated with additional seats will only be taken into account in the next e-Subscription period (not during the current e-Subscription period).

How to make a purchase
Extensions are available from us. Once you purchase the extension, you don't need to do anything else. Your program license will be automatically renewed and extensions will be activated no later than the next day after purchase (usually immediately after receiving payment information). .
In exceptional cases, extensions may not be automatically activated. In this case, you will need to download the updated license file directly from the program or via the customer portal.

Pause and resume extensions
If your company is no longer using the additional seats you purchased, you can suspend them. The e-subscription fee will be reduced accordingly, but only at the beginning of the next e-subscription period.
Unsuspending and re-using a previously suspended stand will result in charging fees and increasing the e-subscription fee. The e-Subscription fee will increase accordingly only in the next e-Subscription period
The cost of unlinking 1 station to the Subiekt nexo program is PLN 45 net

Functional extension
For companies requiring additional functionality, we recommend the Subiekt nexo PRO system. This is an extended version of Subiekt nexo with many non-standard solutions, allowing you to adapt the program to the specific needs of your company (e.g. define your own fields, reports, printouts and extend the functionality using Sfera for Subiekt nexo).

All extensions and programs are available for sale from us

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