SSL certificates

Why do you need an SSL Certificate for a website?

An SSL certificate is a tool that ensures the security and confidentiality of data transmitted between the server and the user on the website. This is especially important in the case of websites that allow users to provide their personal data, such as e-mail addresses, names and surnames, residential addresses, as well as payment card numbers. The SSL certificate provides protection against interception and use of this data by unauthorized persons.

Additionally, an SSL certificate may have a positive impact on the website's positioning in search results. Google scores websites that use SSL certificates, and having such a certificate can increase the website's visibility in search engines, which translates into more visits and potential customers.

It is also worth remembering that SSL certificates are a basic and necessary element to secure websites for both individual users and companies and institutions. Every website on the Internet should be secured with the SSL protocol, especially those that enable any communication with the user.

In short, an SSL certificate is essential for Web page to ensure the security and confidentiality of transmitted data and may affect the positioning of the website in search results.

What are the advantages of having an SSL certificate on your website?

The SSL certificate allows you to open websites securely via the protocol https, The SSL certificate enables encryption of data transmission between the server and the web browser. Below are the benefits of having an SSL certificate based on your search results:

  1. Transaction security – having an SSL certificate proves that the security of customer transactions is most important to you. Thanks to this, customers will feel more safe and more willing to make purchases in your online store.

  2. Confirmation of website authenticity – an SSL certificate allows you to confirm the authenticity of your website. In practice, this means that the website is protected against attacks by hackers who may try to impersonate your website.

  3. Higher position in search results – Google scores websites that use SSL certificates, which may have a positive impact on the positioning of your website in search results. Thanks to this, you have a greater chance that more people will visit your website.

  4. Possibility to use HTTP/2 – having an SSL certificate allows you to use HTTP/2, which has a positive effect on the website loading speed. If you are looking for hosting that supports HTTP/2 – check ours hosting services.

To sum up, having an SSL certificate has many advantages, such as increasing transaction security and confirming authenticity Web page, improved positioning in search results and the ability to use HTTP/2.

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