Running a business requires a properly tailored and developed promotion. In the times of the Internet, a professionally prepared and good-looking website is essential. Potential customers usually begin their search in the network, and it is the network that is the first stage of establishing relationships and interacting. Therefore, it is best to give such a website into the hands of professionals. They know what it should look like, what functionalities it should have and what content it should contain to inspire trust and actually encourage contact.

Professional website management is usually quite an expense. It consists of maintaining the domain, hosting, graphic design and entering current texts on the website. For many entrepreneurs, such an expense seems large, especially when it is incurred annually. 


That is why our company offers subscription-based websites. The contract can be concluded for a year or two. In this way, the cost of maintaining the domain and hosting can be divided into the number of months of the contract duration. Prices drop significantly and therefore become much more affordable.


A subscription website is no longer such a large expense and is not such a heavy burden for the company. The subscription fee can be included in the costs of running a business every month, and smaller amounts are easier to include in the budget. At the same time, such an expense resulting from the regular subscription is predictable, so you can prepare for it. 


This offer is addressed primarily to those who like to plan their expenses, want to have them under control and manage them efficiently. It is also an offer for all those who prefer to spread their investments over time and not freeze larger amounts at once. 


Please contact us to prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

Subscription websites

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