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Nexo assistant is a program comprehensively supporting sales support in small and medium-sized companies - shops, wholesalers, workshops, service plants, etc. A friendly, intuitive interface facilitates and speeds up work, and rich functionality will satisfy the needs of modern entrepreneurs, regardless of the industry.

Nexo assistant provides support for all types of commercial documents (a special advantage is the advanced ordering system) and efficient warehouse management. It has an extensive financial part, thanks to which it is possible, among others, to performing cash and banking operations or creating cash reports. Accounting modules enable the recording of settlements, debt collection activities and the table of exchange rates. The file part of the system allows you to keep advanced records of the assortment, customers, external devices, institutions, partners and employees.

Nexo assistant is a part of INERT nexo - an integrated package, which also includes accounting systems: Nexo calculator (revenue and expense ledger and flat-rate tax records) i Nexo inspector (full accountancy).

Warehouse program - Subiekt nexo

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What does Subiekt Nexo give us?

  • Complete service of all warehouse documents - WZ, PZ, MM, PW, RW
  • An extensive module of Orders from Customers and Suppliers - for each order, we have the option of specifying individual deadlines
  • File of products, goods, sets and services - the possibility of grouping and setting features according to your own requirements