A wise Pole after the damage? Not! With Pat15 a wise Pole from harm!


Imagine that your computer has been infected, the hard drive has crashed and the customer is asking for an urgent offer ...


Are you prepared for such a situation? Take a moment to think ...
It takes 10-15 minutes to recover the password, confirm e-mail and set up new login details, e.g. on Facebook, and how long will it take to rebuild the company's long-term databases, customer contact history and contract archive?
It's better not to think about it, which is why you should be safe than sorry and keep your data safe in the cloud.


Will your company be able to cope with the losses caused by the loss of data from customers? How long will it take to rebuild the database?

Regardless of whether you have lost data related to business or your private life, their recovery is costly, time-consuming, and sometimes even impossible.

But in Pat15 we have a solution for this:
Regularly backing up data stored on your devices. And without the need to buy specialized equipment, without building your own infrastructure!

Securing company documentation or magical moments in life has never been so easy. Regardless of whether you use computers with Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating systems or mobile devices.


What you get

  • real-time backup of specific folders
  • the possibility of scheduling an automatic backup of data with almost immediate data protection
  • independent, very intuitive data recovery without the participation of the system administrator
  • Recovery guarantee thanks to failover connection test and data mirroring even in case of disk failure
  • security tools to protect against malicious attacks
  • data encryption with AES method and network security assistant
  • control over granting access to users and two-factor authentication of users
  • network data transmission reports
  • technical support (e-mail, telephone)

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