remote assistance via the Internet

Many computer failures do not require physical repair by an IT specialist. The most common computer problems are easy to fix and only take a few minutes. In such cases, there is no need to deliver the computer to the service or call a specialist to your home. You can use the remote assistance service, which allows you to easily and quickly solve many problems with your computer. This will help you save both the time needed to reach the customer / service and money. 

What are the advantages of remote computer assistance?

You can connect to an IT specialist remotely from anywhere in the world. Just share a remote screen with a specialist and he will take care of the problem. Thanks to this, the customer receives quick help and the fault is repaired in a few minutes. The remote connection is encrypted, so only the authorized person can connect. The customer can feel confident and safe, no data is at risk. Remote assistance can be used regardless of the system used, specialists are experienced people who know various systems. The biggest advantage of this solution is saving time and money. Taking a computer to the service center requires a few minutes, and if you live in a small town, it may take even an hour. An IT specialist ordered to home will charge more money for his service than when performing the service remotely.  

What are the most common problems that can be solved remotely?

95% computer problems can be resolved with a remote way. The most common repairs performed in this way are:

You have a different IT problem and you wonder if we can help you remotely?

Remote assistance is possible after downloading the following software (click on the image), which will allow the technician to connect to your computer remotely.
The IT specialist will be able to familiarize himself with your problem thanks to a remote connection.

Remote assistance - version without installation

Remote Assistance - installation version

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