An essential component in business is being adequate printed advertising


Our company offers various print formatsmaterials,
and above all INTERESTING IDEAS,
which will attract the attention of many customers. 

We will make graphic design -> we will prepare job for printing -> we'll take care of it printout -> finished products we will deliver to the indicated address


Our offer includes:

  • Leaflets
    • standard,
    • foldable,
    • die-cut (e.g. "Do not disturb" door hanger)
    • transparent,
  • Advertising posters,
  • Business cards (standard papers, special papers, printed in white, transparent, ...),
  • Passes,
  • Tickets,
  • Invitations,
  • Postcards,
  • Greeting Cards,
  • Plastic, contactless, chip, magnetic cards (retransfer / offset printing) - the possibility of personalizing barcodes, photos, personal data, ...,
  • Paper, plastic, clothing, jewelery, price tags, ...,
  • Bookmarks for books,
  • Calendars
    • in the form of a poster,
    • desk,
    • single, double, triple tearable, ...
    • offices with a calendar (desk pads with a calendar).
  • Advertising offices,
  • Company blocks,
  • Envelopes with a company imprint,
  • Letterhead,
  • Forms,
  • Company and advertising blocks, e.g. on request in a restaurant,
  • Company notebooks with a soft / hard cover,
  • Company and offer folders,
  • Company and advertising binders, 
  • Advertising pads with a clip,
  • Catalog cards for the binder,
  • Restaurant menu - soft / hard cover,
  • Diplomas, certificates, ...,
  • Catalogs,
  • Brochures,
  • Magazines,
  • Warehouses,
  • Advertising newsletters,
  • Books,
  • Stickers, warranty seals,
  • Printed magnets (can be placed, for example, on a refrigerator, car or other metal elements),
  • Stickers of any shape, flat / convex, with adhesive on the outside, inside, mirror printing,
    • Printing technology: digital, offset 
    • Overprint it is possible on a self-adhesive foil with a white backing or transparent
    • e.g. the letters "Sale", "Protected facility", "logo", labels for products, equipment, stickers, ...
  • Ecological, paper and fabric bags with an advertising print - screen printing, flexo printing, offset (depending on the type of bag),
  • Covers for CD, DVD,
  • Printing on CDs, DVDs (possible varnishing),
  • Books for CDs, DVDs, e.g. with titles and descriptions of songs, authors,
  • Pallet wraps, e.g. with the name, product logo, promotion,
  • Stamps

Additionally we propose such refinements how:

* glossy foil,
* matte foil,
* UV varnish selectively.

We cover each printout dispersion varnishwhich prevents color fading.

High quality and fast delivery time is our everyday life!

We create your world with our passion!

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