Do you need a qualified signature? It's easy with us!

A qualified signature is an essential tool in today's digital world. They ensure safety, comfort and professionalism. Our company offers comprehensive service, VIP activation, training and international support, which makes us a leader in the industry. Trust us and see how easy it is to increase the level of security and efficiency of your company thanks to Certum qualified certificates.

Why do you need a qualified signature?

A qualified signature is needed to confirm identity in the digital world. They work on a similar principle to real-world identity documents. Thanks to them, we can safely sign electronic documents, ensuring their integrity and authenticity. This is a key tool for e-administration, e-commerce and many other sectors where trust is the foundation of business.

Qualified signature – why is it necessary and what benefits do they bring?

Qualified signatures are electronic tools that in today's digital world play a key role in ensuring the security and credibility of transactions and communications. They are essential for companies, institutions and private individuals who want to operate in accordance with the highest security standards.

Benefits of using qualified certificates


The most important benefit of using qualified certificates is the increased security of transactions and electronic communications. Thanks to them, it is possible to encrypt data, which protects it against unauthorized access. Additionally, a qualified signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature, which means that documents signed in this way have full legal force.

Convenience and time saving

Qualified certificates enable you to settle many matters without the need to appear in person. They can be used to sign contracts, applications, invoices and other documents, which significantly speeds up and simplifies business processes. Thanks to this, companies can save time and costs associated with traditional document handling.

Professionalism and trust

Having a qualified certificate increases the company's prestige and credibility. Customers and business partners see that a given company cares about the security and confidentiality of data, which builds trust and loyalty. For many companies, this is a key element in building the image of a professional in their industry.

Comprehensive service for Certum qualified signatures

Our company specializes in the sale of Certum qualified signatures, which are among the most recognizable and valued on the market. We offer comprehensive service from purchase to full activation and training. Thanks to this, our clients can enjoy full support and certainty that all processes related to the implementation of the certificate will run smoothly and without any problems.

VIP activation services

One of our unique services is VIP activation, which ensures the activation of a qualified signature in just 60 minutes at the customer's location. We understand that time is money, so we try to make the entire process as quick and convenient as possible for our clients. Our specialists come directly to the client's company or home, which eliminates the need for additional activities and saves time.

International services

Our services do not end at the borders of Poland. We also offer support for foreign clients. We had the pleasure of carrying out orders including: in Prague, Great Britain and Luxembourg. Regardless of the location, we provide full support in Polish and English, which facilitates communication and execution of orders.

Training and technical support

We also organize training for our clients to help them fully use the possibilities of qualified signatures. Our experts explain how to use an electronic signature step by step, what are best practices and how to avoid potential problems. Thanks to this, every user can feel confident and safe when using modern document management tools.

Full support from A to Z

With us, you don't have to worry about formalities or technical aspects of implementing a qualified certificate. Our team takes care of everything right away - from sales, through activation, to training. We make sure that the entire process runs smoothly and without any complications, which allows our clients to focus on their core business.