Looking for trustworthy companywhich will comprehensively / partially take care of monitoring system for you?

You've come to the right place!

We realize that

that, respectively supervised interior, an object or a space makes it possible thorough inspection what is happening in a given place, thus ensuring security people and property who are there.

Business pat15.net ensure:

Before we will give back system to use

Additionally we will provide:

Full HD monitoring - Petrol Station cameras

Business pat15.net is able to purchase and install

every system of CCTV

in analog technology CCTV,

digital IP including:

Moreover, we can provide you all accessories, incl.

and even:

computers, laptops, tablets, telephones, monitors to the current preview.

There is also the possibility of partial implementation, e.g. by the purchase itself monitoring system, all accessories, installations,

or the same employee training.