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Thermal Camera Integrations Consortium

We have our own personal protective equipment. We carry out installations throughout the country.

37.8 ° C

Modern body temperature measurement system

it is a thermal solution, very effective for detecting people infected with a viral disease. The main task of such
the system is to quickly identify the people they own
high body temperature.

Modern body temperature measurement system

specified limit value (e.g. 37.8 ° C), the system will automatically trigger an alarm (e.g. light or sound signal). This allows individuals to be quickly and reliably identified for further, accurate research.

Now, when many companies are experiencing a decline in production due to forced downtime caused by the increasing scale of disease. The covid-19 pandemic is keeping executives awake in many industries.

Activity, despite the threat of covid-19 infection, is possible.

We live in the 21st century, and technological development enables us to apply many preventive measures in order to maintain business continuity, while maintaining the maximum of precautionary measures. Each employer should avoid admitting people who may pose a threat to others, i.e. sick people, on the premises. The easiest way to identify people who are sick from the crowd is to measure their body temperature. Fever is one of the basic symptoms of coronavirus infection.

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Where we are potentially most likely to be infected

Our everyday life has been completely changed for several weeks, but for society to function, and some objects must remain open. We are most exposed to infection when staying in large groups of people, which we can most often meet:

Catching up from the crowd

potentially endangered people, we minimize the risk of a pandemic among other employees, customers, or simply people accidentally present in a given place. Letting in sick people could result in production downtime, thus generating huge losses. Therefore, the solution we propose will be applicable in all of the above-mentioned places.

An effective and safe solution

to avoid downtime during a pandemic

We give the opportunity to increase the safety of our employees, clients and ourselves - the body temperature measurement system. The solution we propose is completely non-contact, it does not require hiring a person to operate it, because its operation is fully automated. Human work is only necessary when the temperature is too high.

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system implementation

hangzhou subway

Hangzhou 1 metro line, has implemented a Dahua brand thermovision human temperature measurement solution at Hangzhou East Railway Station, one of Asia's largest transportation hubs, implementing remote non-contact temperature measurement with elevated temperature accuracy (± 0.3 ° C)

shanghai train station

Dahua's thermovision human temperature measurement solution helps Shanghai Railway Station, one of the world's busiest railway stations, to quickly measure human body temperature in large clusters and locate people with elevated body temperature in a timely manner.

System for measuring the temperature of the human body

will solve many problems during the prevailing pandemic. Its use will also prove useful during the annual flu or other viral diseases. Sick people will be indicated at the entrance, thanks to which they will not get inside places where they can infect many people. This solution is used in many industries, e.g. automotiv. We must remember that prevention will allow us to protect ourselves from many severe consequences - health and financial.

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