Would you like to be sure that only persons authorized by you have access to the given objects or rooms?
Do you want to control the working time of your employees?

We will help you!


The pat15.net company provides COMPREHENSIVE consultancy, purchase, assembly and training in the field of Access Control and Work Time Registration systems.


Access Control System in conjunction with surveillance cameras


Possible identification methods:

  • Low security (memory)
    • numeric or alphanumeric code,
  • Medium security (key)
    • a plastic card with a printed barcode,
    • proximity card,
    • chip card,
    • magnetic card,
  • High level of security (biometric features)
    • fingerprint (fingerprints),
    • hand geometry,
    • Iris,
    • retina,
    • voice,
    • drawing of veins,
    • GOUT,


  • Mechanical Protection Systems (bolts, jumpers, tripods, turnstiles, gates, sluices, roller shutters, grilles),
  • Traffic Control and Control Systems (road barriers, barriers),
  • Work Time Registration Systems and Workers' Work Control.

It is also possible to use individual solutions in accordance with the client's requirements.


The workflow process includes:

  • a site visit and advice on the selection of security systems,
  • selection and delivery of the best equipment,
  • installation, programming and commissioning of systems,
  • conducting the necessary training,
  • performing regular - periodic warranty and post-warranty inspections,
  • removing failures and repairing elements of the protection system.

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