Computer skills not your forte?
Are you terrified of using computers, software,…?
Or maybe you need to train your employees to use some program so that they can get better results for your company?

You can change it!

We will explain, help and expand your knowledge!

We conduct professional trainings about varying degrees of difficultyfrom the basics to advanced software.


The range of courses includes, among others:


  • Basics of computer and system operation (windows xp, windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1)
    • construction and operation of computer hardware
    • files, folders - basic operations
    • user account management
    • control panel - operating system management
    • windows applications
    • scanning, printing, camera - support for peripheral equipment
  • The basics of navigating the Internet
    • setting up an e-mail box
    • configuration of the mail program
    • internet safety rules
    • Google search
    • using popular websites: Youtube, Google Maps, Facebook
    • internet radio
  • Office suite - Open Office (free) / Microsoft Office (paid)
    • Writer / Word - basic work with text documents (writing texts, formatting paragraphs, pages, inserting tables, graphics, serial correspondence, printing)
    • Calc / Excel - basics of working with spreadsheets (data entry, import, export of data, charts, functions, formulas)
    • Impress / PowerPoint – multimedia presentations (creating slides, transitions between slides, animation of objects, graphic styles, backgrounds, themes)
  • Specialized programs
    • Adobe package (photoshop, dreamweaver, indesign)


Our company has ECDL certificate (European Computer Driving License).

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