Computer embroidery in a short time and in 15 colors? Of course.

Your company's logo, a dedicated inscription for your grandfather or maybe amazing patterns for the bedroom?


Computer embroidery is one of the most effective, durable and extremely elegant techniques of decorating clothing, as well as other details made of fabrics, but also leather, felt or paper. The very name embroidery comes from the German language and means joining, fastening, which fully reflects the quintessence of this technique, which consists in embroidering various patterns on the material with a needle or crochet.

What do you get

  • Graphic design
  • Embroidery from 1 piece
  • We also do on customer's material

Computer embroidery is a relatively new technique, but its rapid development - related, among others, to the popularity of this form of decoration - has meant that it is used to embroider basically everything - from clothing, hats and shoes to home textiles such as curtains or bedding.

What does the process of making your embroidery look like?

  1. We determine the embroidery pattern.
  2. We are developing a project.
  3. We embroider and you collect the finished product.

The high quality of computer embroidery in our edition - including the use of the highest quality threads, means that the effects of our work can be enjoyed for a long time. Our customers can count on excellent results of their orders, and our embroidery on sweatshirts, various items of clothing and more always meet the expectations of even the most demanding.

With our help, it is possible to create extraordinary projects, company embroidery and more, and a wide selection of smooth or metallized threads allows you to achieve sensational effects, including 3D raised embroidery.
The result of our work is guaranteed by high-class machines, which is why our customers can be sure that our computer embroidery will be durable, stylish and fashionable.

Our professional team has high qualifications and experience in computer embroidery, which is why our services are of the highest quality.

Application examples

  • corporate clothing
  • Caps
  • patches
  • Emblems
  • Presents
  • Other

Customer satisfaction is important to us, which is why both advertising and embroidered clothing for various types of collections always look great. We create mainly on the basis of projects provided by customers, but we also offer custom-made implementations. Computer embroidery is preceded by the visualization of the project, and our solutions, both in terms of quantity, technical capabilities and prices, are adjusted individually.

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