We know how important it is securitytherefore the company pat15.net

I suggest comprehensive services including:

By ordering in our company alarm system The customer always has a guarantee professional service

and high-quality performance of services.

Our offer includes :

We provide services COMPREHENSIVE

  1. We start with a site visit, consultancy in the selection of security systems,
  2. by selecting and delivering the best equipment,
  3. installation, programming and commissioning of systems,
  4. conducting the necessary training, performing regular - periodic warranty and post-warranty inspections,
  5. removing failures and repairing elements of the protection system.

Security grades GRADE

Alarm systems can be easily divided in terms of the degree of protection GRADE.

Each facility is characterized by a different degree of danger.

A production hall and a small house are something else.

There are two standards that describe security policies.

These are PN-EN 50131-1: 2009 and PN-EN 50130-5: 2002.

As a company, we install standards compliant systems